Noa's Company

High quality custom jewelry with exclusive designs

Noa´s is a family business based in the province of Ourense, in Spain. We live and work in a beautiful natural setting that inspires our creativity.

Our high quality custom jewelry is hand made, with original exclusive designs. When you purchase Noa´s custom jewelry you are guaranteed an orignal product, inspired by our own designs and fruit of several hours of work and effort.

Our jewelry is made exclusively with natural materials (metals, stones and high-quality glass) to be in harmony with nature. We personally select the materials that seem most suitable, always of the highest quality. We use pure 925 sterling silver, semi-precious stones as well as czech glass beads. When we use other metals, they are primarily zinc based metals, so as to avoid possible metal allergies, so that you can wear our products with complete confidence.

Noa´s designs inspire elegance without ostentation. A good jewel should enhance one´s beauty and elegance without acclaiming more importance than it´s wearer.

Another advantage of acquiring a product of Noa´s quality is that it is a good investment, being a high quality product that doesn´t lose its value or quality with the passing of time.

Our company´s name is based on our daughter name, Noa, who participates in the designs ad elaboration of our products.